Tips for coloring gray hair video

Tips for coloring gray hair
Gray coverage — a great way to update the image at the same time . So do not get hung up on your natural shade. Choose a color that complements the color of your skin and eyes.
Hair should look natural.

Well, if you paint the several shades lighter than you are , it will allow you to visually look younger for a few years.
By purchasing a paint store , make sure it fills the gray hair — this should be written on the packaging .
Gray , devoid of pigment hair very hard and porous , so they do not absorb the ink composition . To make the process of staining was more effective in 10-15 minutes before the procedure , use a special emollient conditioning
For the same reason, you should first apply the ink composition on gray hair, and after a while — the rest of the hair volume . Do not be lazy to read the instructions in the paint you bought — surely there are some recommendations for gray coverage.