The best tips for fine hair

Problems with fine hair

You would like to call your hair «glory», but can shine only with a «problem»? No problem. We have a few tricks up their sleeves to make fine hair look thicker.

Voluminous, open and supported vibrating hairs are knackig. They signal ease and self-confidence — something that would like to broadcast every woman. Fine hair, however, is not only thin, it also acts powerless and to make matters worse, even more sensitive than other hair structures. But which hair actually applies as a «fine», and above all, what helps it?

What is fine hair?

On average, a hair from 0.05 to 0.08 mm wide. Everything what lies beneath, is called a «fine». Since the thickness of the hair is genetic, can not shake her. You can breathe easy however, as regards the number of hair: Fine hair is indeed thin, but growing numerically stronger. They have thin, but many «hairs»? That’s ever was. With care and a few tricks you can now ensure that fine hair look fuller and thicker.

Causes for fine hair

Due to the smaller diameter, fine hair of keratin, which provide clamping force is lacking. Fine hair is thus close to the scalp, which in turn leads to faster greasy hair. In addition, many products make maintenance more difficult even further: Since fine hair may take less care substances, it is quickly «uberpflegt». The delicate cuticle is charged, the hair is weighted down and hangs. So it seems even thinner than it actually is. A vicious cycle.

Problems with fine hair

Fine hair can be maintained and shiny and still not make you happy. For what avail shimmering hair when they hang limp at the top down? Fine hair is powerless and without wealth. Open hair look worn quickly by «sad» from, painstakingly styled hairdos sit either do not, or fall after a short time together. As we fine hair is placed in the cradle, nothing we can do about it. Because the thickness of the individual strands are not influenced. With proper care, but comes volume on the head.
Care is good — but do not overwhelm fine hair with heavy care products

The right care for fine hair

Fine hair needs more care than other hair types. It must be washed frequently — but not necessarily with mild dose products because the hair lengths are otherwise unnecessarily burdened with care fabrics. Therefore care products is also important to rinse thoroughly than usual after the exposure. Many extra-entwickelete for fine hair products have a highly water-soluble care formula and can be easily washed off than other shampoos and conditioners. Kluge helpers for fine hair, for example, the active ingredient panthenol as an ideal moisturizer (he puffed on fine hair) and externally inserted keratin (which strengthens the hair). If you want in addition to all the care a little help out: Even through a balanced diet can support the development of the hair. Biotin and zinc, by the food — or as dietary supplements — added work wonders. By the way: the darker the hair, the fuller it seems.