Long hairstyle for wedding video

Chic and stylish wedding can be no matter what you have budgeted.Proper planning of the economy and will help in the organization of celebrations of higher rank , even on a limited budgetThe most important thing to decide and choose.Choose the three most important item of cost items and the three least necessary, or that can be deleted. To take the important wedding dresses,festive table,musical accompaniment. For less than,for example,flowers,invitations, wedding cake.Reduce the cost of a wedding celebration shortlisting invited guests.

Not seen, did not talk and do not know someone personally cross out.All those who go to bed at nine o’clock,and to them mainly include children under 12 years old,stay home.Invite those who are around for years is in a relationship with the person you are certainly gonna call to the feast.


Relatives — is,of course,the closest people.Ten invite friends is not necessarily enough to make three . If a loss to those who should be excluded , hold the following recommendations.