Flat Top haircut for men video

Flat Top haircut for men  video
The very hairstyle appeared thanks to a similar structure of the hair and was a very good option short men’s haircuts, user-friendly installation and gives its owner courageous and strong view — it is not surprising that this hairstyle is so loved in the environment of the military. Before cutting the hair should be put : it wet the hair styling products , give them upright and blow dry , keeping the vertical shape.
If the length of the hair before haircut is more than 5 centimeters , make a preliminary rough cut all the hair , leaving 5 cm over the entire surface of the head.

Hair shearing pull back of the head so that the hair plane perpendicular future
Should move in the direction of a person to the back of the head , strictly maintaining the ratio of the perpendicular found combs and scissors.
Thus swifts temporal and occipital upper zone.
The hair in the lower zones of reducing to naught with scissors or clippers .
Then we begin the formation of the actual site . To do this, you need to outline the overall height «platform» of the person by providing a horizontal parting her hair

Similarly, we define the height of hair on top .
We connect the vertical parting trimmed strands and get control height strand .
Then all the hair parietal area swifts using horizontal partings , focusing on the length of the control lock .
Finally, do edging haircuts over the head, leaving a whiskey straight.
Remember that line the line must be clearly visible