Black hair styles video


The professional colors of hair is the combined multi-color coloring of hair within natural chocolate-brown, chestnut and cognac, coffee and nut, honey, fair-haired and beige color scale with inclusion of golden, linen, wheaten or pearl light shades.

Use of modern technologies of multivoice-frequency highlighting and natural effect  of flowers  of hair allows to receive a refined, most natural modulation of several flowers or shades.

The choice towards a warm or cold palette of natural shades is made, proceeding from a natural shade of hair, color of eyes and tone of skin.

Coloring in blond style is today one of the most popular types of coloring around the world. It speaks not only the found «expensive» beauty, naturalness and elegance of this type of coloring, but also a huge number of versions of blond style among which each woman, undoubtedly, will be able to find «the» individual image.

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