Beautiful hair in summer

Well-maintained hair

Summer, sun and sea: Beach is wonderful to escape from the everyday. However, too much sun is not only the skin but also the hair. We introduce special care products, so not only you but also your hair relaxed and beautiful from vacation kommen.UV rays penetrate into the interior of the hair before. Bleach pigments and attack the structure of the hair. In combination with chlorine or sea water solar radiation is particularly harmful. The result is straw-porous and dull hair. We provide tips for perfect hair care on holiday.

The proper hair care on vacation:

  • After a tiring day at the beach or pool in the evening to wash the hair. Thus, residues of salt or chlorinated water are washed out. Flushing nourishes the hair in addition.
  • On blow-drying should be avoided in the summer if possible. If it still is not enough for air drying, blow-dry the hair on low heat. Too much heat is the hair in addition.
  • When washing the hair mild shampoo should be used. Children shampoos or special products for the summer are best suited.
  • Does the hair brittle, one should resort to a Pflegekur. The care substances contained therein are dosed higher than in conditioners and shampoos.
  • You should avoid color on hair shortly after the holiday, so the hairs have time to recover from the rigors before being claimed again.