6 buns models for medium length hair

It is believed often and wrongly, it is necessary to have very long hair to make beautiful buns. Today Puretrend proves that it is quite possible to get a very beautiful bun with a blunt cut. Here are six models for bun-length hair.

Bun bun for medium length hair

Became a classic hairstyles, bun bun may well be achieved on medium length hair. All it takes is a foam donut of a reasonable size. A donut too big will not be covered by hair bobbed or too degraded. To achieve this bun in no time, just check our tutorial «how to make a bun bun with or without donut» .


Bun rolled with headband for medium length hair

To achieve a nice romantic bun on hair missing a tad long, the solution is simply to help a headband. As for the bun, we achieved a sublime tutorial to learn how to make a bun with headband . The hair Rolled in the neck, held by the hair jewel … It’s a breeze and the result is always successful!

Twisted bun for medium length hair

Fancy a nice hairstyle primed for an evening? It’s easy with twisted bun. To achieve this, we must draw a line on the side and then take a medium sized wick. It then comes the twist wrap on itself and form a small plug choppy which is fixed with pin bun. The picture will help you understand what we mean! Is repeated with several strands of hair so that all the hair is twisted and fixed.

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Bun banana for medium length hair

At first glance, it looks hard to do but it is quite feasible for novice hairdresser. And nothing to spoil: it is easier to hold on medium length hair as long hair. The secret is to lightly tease the lengths to give them body. To familiarize yourself with this chic and retro hairstyle, follow our tips for a perfect chignon banana.


The bun down to medium length hair


The bun bottom is definitely the easiest hairstyle to achieve. The hair is just tied in small low ponytail before being rolled into a lovely little ball more or less round. buns Various styles are available: a bohemian on hair rumpled as pictured below. For a more elegant and stricter finish, it is possible to do low bun taking care to smooth and polish the hair on either side of a perfectly clean and comic line.

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